I specialize in holistic edits and coaching for book-length nonfiction. I offer comprehensive services based on analysis of your goals, your message, and your audience. No matter your experience level as an author or your publication aims, I can partner with you to make sure your book conveys your expertise to your desired audience.


If you have a burning idea but you can’t quite get started, or if you’ve got a partial draft but can’t see your way to the finish, I can help you make your dream a reality. I’ll listen and ask questions, and together we’ll craft a plan tailored to your work style, pace, and project goals. Through phone calls, detailed written feedback, and in-document edits, I’ll provide accountability, insights, tools, and resources to bring your project to fruition. Coaching can range from a single phone call to an ongoing partnership, depending on your needs.


If you have a completed manuscript, I can help you shape and polish it. Through developmental, content, line, or copy editing, I can help you refine your idea and structure your book, then tighten, clarify, or expand your content to prepare it for publication.

Here’s a bit about each type of editing. Don’t worry if you’re unsure which is best for your book: Contact me, and I can make a recommendation.

Developmental Editing
The process of refining the organization and structure of the book as a whole (generally on the chapter- and paragraph-levels rather than editing on the sentence-level). This includes reordering blocks of text and suggesting additions or deletions. Developmental editing also looks at tone, voice, complexity of information, and transitions.

Content Editing
The process of editing both the content and form of the book. This includes making sure information is accurate and appropriate for the audience, and making paragraph- and sentence-level edits to aid clarity and flow.

Line Editing and Copy Editing
Copy editing focuses on making sure grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, and style are correct and consistent. Line edit looks at voice, tone, and phrasing in addition to the elements of a copy edit.

I do some work beyond these core specialties. If you have a project you think I may be a good fit for, contact me, and we can discuss whether your opportunity fits my skills. There are, however, some kinds of work I don’t take: fiction, academic work, and ebook file creation. I very rarely take on proofreading.

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Rates vary according to the scope and size of each project. Contact me to let me know what you need and we can negotiate a rate that fits the project and your needs.

My Guarantee

My work will be on time, in line with your specifications, adapted to your feedback, infused with creativity and experience, and uniquely suited to your needs. No exceptions.